Ways I help my clients become the best version of themselves

  • Growing a business or career transitioning into a more senior or complex role
  • Building resilient and authentic leadership
  • Enhancing negotiation skills and decision making
  • Achieving clarity on their true purpose in business and life
  • Managing stress, increasing energy, improving sleep and general well-being
  • Fine tuning advanced communication
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and preventing old habits from achieving substantial and sustainable success

'Scott was a pleasure to work with. He brought energy, insight and a professional approach to the coaching session. Whilst finding the process positively challenging and being made to work hard, the support, guidance and accountability that I experienced enabled me to achieve clarity around my professional goals and add real value to my role as a Senior VP in a FTSE 100 company.' - GG (SVP Pearson VUE)

'I'd definately recommend Scott for coaching. He provided outstanding sessions which left me with a greater understanding of where my focus needs to go in order to progress my business. Scott enabled me to think more strategically and offered sound guidance.' - RG (Business owner, The Dessert Bar, Manchester)

'I found the sessions very useful and beneficial. Scott made me feel comfortable so that I could be open and honest yet at the same time step out of my comfort zone. This enabled me to think clearly and take action, ultimately leading to a number of breakthroughs and achieving both my personal and business goals.' - EG (HR Banking FTSE 250)